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Natpro Progesterone Cream

Natpro is an organic aqueous cream made exclusively of vegetable based ingredients. It is supplied in a new airless pump dispenser that contains 100 grams (3.5 oz) of cream.

The potency of Natural Progesterone content (3.3%) has been carefully calculated so those who suffer with the symptoms resulting from unopposed oestrogen can utilise the cream on a schedule which parallels their own body's natural cycles of progesterone production. A 60g tube contains 2000g of Natural Progesterone and lasts from one to three months depending on symptoms, dosage and progesterone levels prior to use.


Each dispenser of Natpro contains : 

NB:  Natpro has an unopened shelf life of 18 months and is still valid for 6 months after the expiry date.

Natpro contains only vegetable substances. No animal has suffered or will ever suffer because of its production or use.

Natpro progesterone cream does not contain any toxic substances or parabens.  Examples of these could be growth hormones which are found in today's animal products or grapefruit seed extract.