How to apply Natpro

Rub the required amount of cream thoroughly into the skin. To maintain the bodys' sensitivity to progesterone it helps to choose a different area to apply it to each day.

One of the key benefits of understanding how to use progesterone cream is that the cream can be applied anywhere... in the vagina or nose for dryness, on piles, painful or achy areas, burns (its amazing on burns), wonderful on the face and so on.

Important to remember is that progesterone in the form of drops and tablets do not work as 70% of it gets destroyed in the gut and liver. The best application is by using cream, injections or suppositories!

Please note:

  • do not use the cream on only one small patch of skin. The continual rubbing on one spot can lead to irritation. The cream will not absorb well either.
  • 1ml (1/5th tsp) will cover both feet and both legs, or both arms, stomach and chest/breasts.
  • progesterone is absorbed well by the hair follicles, so it can be used anywhere.
  • It's best to rotate the area daily.
  • Progesterone cream is best applied twice a day to keep levels up, so split whatever daily dose is chosen. Some women prefer to use more at night, less in the morning, but it’s up to the individual.